Girls Clubs

Our Objectives

Girls Club is a way to intentionally spend time with girls who are at an impressionable age. We hope to share with them the value, love, and hope they have in Jesus in a hard world. We try to address the hard issues they may face such as bullying, sexual exploitation, abuse, mental health, and relationship issues. Secondly, we desire to love and encourage them when their home life or friend groups might not be providing the attention, love, or support that they need.

Why Girls Club?

Human trafficking and sexual exploitation take place all around the world, including in our country and in neighborhoods right here in Tulsa. The average age of entry for a victim of trafficking in the United States is just 13 years old. Every victim of sex trafficking has some level of vulnerability that led them to their circumstance. Whether homelessness, abuse in familial relationships, blackmail online, or love found in romantic relationships, our young girls are vulnerable and subject to manipulation by exploiters. At Hope918 we believe that it is very important to be intentional and involved in young girls lives to provide them the support they may lack while educating and empowering them to prevent trafficking in their families, friend groups, communities and schools. Our hope is to empower young girls in our community to be a changing force.

“An estimated 100,000 – 300,000 youth are at risk for being sexually trafficked in the US each year*”

“One in five endangered runaways were likely sex trafficking victims.”

Please visit our resource section for tools and program referrals for teens.