Our Work

Girls Club

Girls Club is a weekly support group for teen girls 7th-12th grade. Adolescent girls face so many challenges socially, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Girls Club seeks to engage girls in a constructive hang out time with healthy food, discussions about issues they are facing or may face, and fun activities. 

Girls Club Mentoring

A lack of healthy relationships with other people who can be there for them during life’s troubles makes adolescent girls vulnerable.  Hope918 wants to connect girls in our community with trained, caring and compassionate Christian women who will support them and be there for them.  Girls Club Mentoring has a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio to ensure that there is wraparound support.

Strip Club Outreach

Strip Club Outreach is a weekly outreach focused on loving and bringing hope to women who work in the sex industry.  Working in the sex industry can be difficult work with long hours, so we bring gift bags with no strings attached and listening ears to love and support the women working at the club.


We believe the the global sex industry continues to grow for numerous reasons, but one main reason is the overwhelming lack of knowledge and awareness the general public has of sexual exploitation and trafficking, not just globally, but in our cities and neighborhoods. Additionally, we fail to see the ways we contribute to this form of enslavement through passive and active support of sex culture in the form of pornography, explicit media, unhealthy relationships, adult entertainment, etc.

Sex Trafficking

The sex industry is rampant around the world and in the United States.  Currently, it is a $32 billion dollar industry, second only to drug and arms trafficking. At Hope918 we strive to stand beside women, children, and men who have been trafficked sexually.  We seek to offer hope, love, and connections to other resources in our community and the surrounding states.