Take Action


Your financial contribution is always greatly appreciated and is so vital in our ability to continue to support others. Financial contributions go directly to meeting the needs of those we are seeking to serve. Click here to be redirected to our donation page.

Strip Club Outreach: We are always in need of supplies for our strip club outreach gift bags. Contact us for a list of current supply needs or sign up for our weekly newsletter if you are interested in donating items.

Girls Club: If you can make and deliver a healthy meal for one of our girls club meetings please contact us. hope918@hope918.com


If you would like to serve with Hope 918 please email us at hope918@hope918.com or fill out our volunteer form. Some of the ways you can serve include organizing gift bags for one of outreaches, being a part of our prayer team, helping with a women’s health clinic, or hosting a fundraiser for one of our ministries.

Provide Resources

In all of our ministries, resource referral is vital. We are always looking to expand our network of resources to better serve women in our community. Whether you work with a company that can provide job/skill training or you can lead a girls club session on banking – we need you! Please reach out to us with your referrals or ideas.

Awareness Events

If you are interested in coordinating an awareness event with your church, school, work group, or friends we would love to assist you in any way we can. You can reach us at hope918@hope918.com.


Use our resource page for some practical tools/tips such as how to contact tip lines or make reports, how to help young people in your life stay safe, and even how you can use an app to fight sex trafficking every time you travel. www.hope918.com/resources